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We support the whole employee cycle from sourcing talent to post-employment. Focus is on the following:

  • People Strategy & Policy Development

  • Recruitment/Executive Search

  • Performance Management

  • Organisation Effectiveness

  • Job Analysis & Evaluation

  • Rewards Management

  • Competency Frameworks 

  • HR Audits & Employee Surveys

  • Workload Analysis 

  • Workplace Wellness

  • Retirement & Post Employment

  • HR Digitization and Analytics


​We support Boards and the C-suite in these areas:

  • Organisation culture

  • Strategy

  • Restructuring

  • Board establishment 


Most start-ups, family businesses and small medium enterprises would like to have quality talent to manage their HR Management however they cannot afford to pay them.
We provide you with expert services of setting up your HR department, putting documentation, systems and processes in place.
On an affordable retainer, we support you implement HR activities while providing expert advisory on complex issues. Visit our Virtual HR service.


Our cost-effective Virtual HR department model enables the provision of off-site.HR management across the whole employee cycle. An HR Associate is assigned to provide this support alongside senior expert advisory services. We go on-site on a few agreed days during the month.
This service is for companies that cannot afford an experienced HR practitioner but require expert HR support under an affordable arrangement.


With the increase in lifestyle diseases, spike in mental health, increase in financial debt and reduced time to socialise and interact in different communities, workplace wellness is inevitable.
The five dimensions we look at are health, physical, mental/Emotional, social and financial wellness.
We look at your employees holistic wellbeing by carrying out employee wellness assessments to identify areas of concern. 
The wellness assessment outcome guide the development of a workplace wellness program. We refer you to experts who can support you implement your wellness program


We carry out the following surveys:

  • Employee engagement survey

  • Employee satisfaction survey

  • Wellness survey

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion survey

  • Leadership assessment survey

  • Remote and Work from Home Survey


We guide and support our clients identify and implement digital tools that transformation their work processes bringing about improved turn around time while reducing costs.

Virtual HR
SME Business

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